Brave & Bold



Brave & Bold is Bruiser's annual digital monologue and duologue competition for young actors aged 12-18 across Northern Ireland.

Who Can Enter?

There are two categories: Ages 12-15 and Ages 16-18

We are only accepting submissions from young people aged 12-18 based in Northern Ireland, so please only apply if you fit these conditions.

How to Enter

You can choose a monologue/duologue from any play; classic or contemporary. All we ask is that it 2-3 minutes long and that there aren't any distractions in the background (a plain background is best).

All competitors will receive personalised, constructive feedback from our team.

We'll select the top finalists, who will all have their monologues and duologues showcased on our website!

Registration in the competition costs £10 for a monologue and £15 for a duologue.

The deadline to submit your self tape is Friday 3rd May 2023.

"I really enjoyed the whole process … It was really enjoyable to read through plays and extracts to find monologues and experiment throughout the creative process.” - Participant
“I found Brave and Bold a well needed creative outlet and challenge for myself.” - Participant
“It’s such a great way to express how you are feeling … I felt proud afterwards that despite the difficult climate I had actually gone out of my comfort zone and tried my best.” - Participant