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Featured across multiple syllabuses as a named practitioner, Bruiser’s workshops have been designed to support the current curriculum and can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

All of our workshops are also available at a higher level for students at University, College and Drama School level.


  • Live Workshop
The Bruiser Style Practical Drama Workshop

This workshop covers the fundamentals of our trademark style and lays the foundation for creating their own work informed by Bruiser’s unique approach. It is ideal for those studying Bruiser as a chosen practitioner or evaluating one of our productions for their live theatre review.

  • Live Workshop
Devised and Collaborative Theatre Practical Drama Workshop

This workshop introduces students to techniques and exercises they can use to devise their own piece of theatre. In line with Bruiser’s trademark style, the session focuses on ensemble playing and how to effectively collaborate with others.

  • Live Workshop
Characterisation and Physicality Practical Drama Workshop

This workshop focuses on characterisation and physicality. Whether from a scripted or devised piece, students will learn techniques to embody the character they’re portraying and give an embodied, believable performance.

  • Live Workshop
Introduction to Performance Practical Drama Workshop

This workshop has been designed to support young people who are new to live theatre and performance. The session is focused on confidence-building, and is ideal for Key Stage 3 students considering studying Drama at GCSE.

  • Live Workshop
Bespoke Workshop Practical Drama Workshop

If you have something specific in mind, we can develop a workshop to best suit your needs. Get in touch to let us know the level, group size and what you'd like to achieve in the session(s).

  • Live Workshop
Show Specific Workshops Practical Drama Workshop

We also offer show specific workshops based on our current performance, or past productions. To see which shows we have in our repertoire, please have a look at our Production Archive. This workshop will be informed by the chosen play, for students who are already familiar with the piece. Participants will work with extracts from the text and gain a deeper understanding of the play through practical exploration.

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