Bruiser in a Box is our annual tour of post-primary schools across Northern Ireland. The Bruiser team will stage a professional production in your assembly hall for as many students as you'd like to attend. This is the perfect opportunity for students studying Bruiser as a chosen practitioner, for live theatre evaluations without the hassle of visiting a venue, and to spark an interest in the performing arts amongst young people.

Wasted by Kat Woods


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October 2024
  • An in-school performance of Wasted by Kat Woods

  • A Post-Show Workshop or Q&A for up to 30 pupils

  • Digital educational resources on the production for follow-up classwork


Wasted, by award-winning playwright Kat Woods, is a socio-political play that explores themes of binge drinking and sexual assault. Join Oli, Emma, and their friends on a night out drinking, flirting, and clubbing. The morning after the night before ensues and any event can only be remembered through the blurry haze of a dubious hangover. Wasted illuminates that grey area in the sexual relationship after a few too many drinks. The characters are not sure what has happened; both suffering from post-alcoholic amnesia. They are both secure in the fact that sex happened but, where alcohol puts the female in a state unable- legally- to consent to sex, our characters continually ask 'what happened' as they are marched through the legal system.

We believe this powerful play has real potential for changing attitudes to alcohol, body image, and what consent means and, as such, is a must for young people who are proportionally more affected by these issues. We are committed to ensuring that Wasted is seen by as wide an audience as possible across Northern Ireland and as such we are contacting you regarding the possibility of presenting it at your centre, bringing a high-quality professional production to your doorstep - we can adapt to perform in almost any space - while raising awareness.

Due to the sensitive topics covered in the play, we advise an age rating of 16+ but we will tailor this to your expertise. We are partnering with Nexus NI to maximise the positive social impact of the play, hoping that this performance (and the available post-performance Q&A) can spark a discussion and educate people on how to keep themselves and their peers safe.  


100% of teachers surveyed rated the performance 5/5! - Bruiser in a Box School Tour 2022
"Showing the students what they can achieve in their own performance space was a great eye opener for them." - Bruiser in a Box School Tour 2022
"Very professional in terms of timings and running of the event." - Bruiser in a Box School Tour 2022
"Another show that Bruiser has smashed out of the park." - St. Colm's High School
"Our students always feel so inspired after the performances and workshops." - St. Dominic's Grammar School
"The workshop that followed the play itself had a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere whilst still pushing us out of our comfort zones and teaching us a whole new style of theatre." - Student Feedback, Bruiser in a Box School Tour 2022
"Fandabbydozey. Magnificent. Creative." - Student Feedback, Bruiser in a Box School Tour 2022
"Incredible: performance, post show Q&A and workshops. The children left the building buzzing! Just opened the email with resources - wow and wow!" - Rathmore Grammar School
"It was like a masterclass in physical theatre. Brilliant directing, acting, and production made it all the more authentic in the school assembly hall setting." - Arts & Cultural Facilities Officer, Flowerfield Arts Centre