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The 39 Steps
by Alfred Hitchcock and John Buchan, adapted by Patrick Barlow

The 39 Steps

Based on John Buchan's classic novel and Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps, this hilarious comedy stars just four actors who play 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun. Our hero Richard Hannay must solve the 39 Steps to acquit himself of murder and save King & country!

A Co-production with The Lyric Theatre, Belfast


  • Annabella Schmidt: Hannah Brackstone-Brown (2016 & 2019)

  • Richard Hannay: Michael Johnston (2016 & 2019)

  • Clown: Michael Condron (2016 & 2019)

  • Clown: Liam Jeavons (2016)

  • Clown: Ben Stratton (2019)


  • Director: Lisa May

  • Set Design: Stuart Marshall

  • Lighting Design: James McFetridge

  • Costume Designer: Susan Scott

  • Composer / Sound Design: Matthew Reeve


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"Lisa May directs with panache ... Bruiser Theatre Company and the Lyric Theatre have another hit on their hands!" Cathy Brown, No More Workhorse
"This production by Northern Ireland’s Bruiser Theatre Company does not disappoint. The four-strong cast display the comic timing and sheer stamina required to keep the energy levels at 100% and drive the show on to its destination like a speeding locomotive." Belfast Live
"The amazing thing about the whole evening was that the drama's serious message about the importance of freedom managed to break through the comedy ... Do see this production if you can, it' s good for the immune system." Jane Hardy, The Irish News