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By John Godber


Fast-moving, inventive and highly entertaining, 'Teechers' is John Godber’s brilliant take on life at a modern Comprehensive. Through their hilarious end-of-term play, three Year 11s exuberantly sketch the new drama teacher’s progress through two terms of recalcitrant classes, cynical colleagues and obstructive caretakers.

Disillusioned, he departs for the safe waters of a private school, and leaves behind his students, whose youthful irreverence gives way to despair. Godber’s original play was first performed in Edinburgh in 1987. The play raises issues of class, sexism and the importance of drama and arts to young people.


  • Hobby: Nuala McGowan

  • Gail: Catriona McFeely

  • Salty: Eugene Evans


  • Director: Lisa May

  • Assistant Director: Emma Copland

  • Music & Sound Designer: Katie Richardson

  • Lighting Designer: James McFetridge

  • Set & Costume Designer: Louise Dunne

  • Producer: Lisa May

  • Producer: Peter Heenan

  • Production / Stage Manager: Ronan McManus

  • Development Officer: Noora Helin

  • Arts Administration: Anna Royle

  • Education Officer: Cheryl O'Dwyer

  • Drama Facilitator: Rob Crawford

  • Education Advisor: Emma Copland


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"Another show that Bruiser has smashed out of the park." St. Colm's High School
"Incredible: Performance, post show Q&A and workshops. The children left the building buzzing! Just opened the email with resources - wow and wow!” Rathmore Grammar School
100% of teachers rated the performance and post-show elements 5/5
"The workshop that followed the play itself had a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere whilst still pushing us out of our comfort zones and teaching us a whole new style of theatre." Student
"Fandabbydozey. Magnificent. Creative." Student
"Energetic. Fast paced. Entertaining." Student