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Low Pay? Don’t Pay!
By Dario Fo. Translated by Joseph Farrell

Low Pay? Don’t Pay!

Housewives Antonia and Margherita, fed up with high prices in the supermarket, take matters into their own hands and start shoplifting. 

Keen to keep their light-fingered antics from their husbands, Giovanni and Luigi - not to mention the police - the women are forced to resort to more and more inventive hiding places, and more and more elaborate cover stories, in this legendary comedy. 

This adaptation of the 1974 Dario Fo classic Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! is a riotous physical comedy that turns the audiences laughter into social indictment. 


  • Richard Doubleday

  • Emma Little Lawless

  • Rachel Murray

  • Chris Patrick-Simpson

  • Andrew Thompson


  • Director: Lisa May

  • Lighting Design: Sean Paul O’Rawe

  • Set & Costume Design: Diana Ennis


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"This is a lively and entertaining production that was clearly popular with the largely young audience ... The actors’ performances are strong throughout and, together with the design and directing, the production has a clear and coherent style." Lisa Fitzpatrick, Irish Theatre Magazine