Noora Helin June 30th, 2023

Farewell to our Development Officer!

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Today we say goodbye to our Development Officer, Noora Helin!

Noora joined the Bruiser team in June 2022 after she had graduated from Queen's University of Belfast with a degree in Film and Theatre Making. Throughout her time in university she was an active member of the university's drama society; Queen's University Players. During her final year she acted as the president of the society. After graduating she wanted to develop the skills she had gained during her time as the head of the society and learn more from a professional local theatre company.

Noora brought valuable skills and positivity to the Bruiser team and she will be missed dearly!

Where do I even begin?

My year with Bruiser has been absolutely amazing and I have learned so much! The amount of new skills and roles I've gained more insight to has been incredible. In addition I've had the chance to meet and work with so many great artists and people I've learned so many things from.

It's hard to pick just one highlight from the year, but one of my favourite things was getting to work on the All Ireland Tour of Mojo Mickybo. I got sucked into the pre-production of Mojo Mickybo on my first week on the job and it was such an insightful experience seeing how much work and planning goes into a theatre tour - even a year in advance. I got to wear many hats in different stages of the Mojo Mickybo tour from tour booking to producing to assistant stage managing. I had a brilliant time on this production and got to meet and work with some amazing artists and theatre makers.

Another highlight has been getting to help Cheryl to deliver the ambitious and very important education programme Bruiser provides for schools each year. The commitment Bruiser has for education is incredible and seeing and hearing from the students and teachers how much they get out of these experiences and how vital they are for the schools has been eye opening. I've also had the chance to explore Northern Ireland in more detail as I've toured with several outreach projects.

I'm also really into photography and I was lucky to be able to get to do that in a professional setting. Any photos and videos you've seen on our social media for the past year, there's a 90% chance they are taken by me! Marketing is something I'm very interested in and working with Bruiser and being in charge of their marketing this year has been such a valuable experience.

I will miss working with the amazing team so much and I cannot wait to see what Bruiser produces next. There's some great productions and projects coming up, so keep an eye out for these guys!

Much love,

Noora xx

Ps. The team got me a tattoo as a leaving gift - can you believe that?! Lisa and Cheryl are class haha!

We wish Noora all the best for the future and can't wait to see what she gets up to next!

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