Board of Trustees February 14th, 2023

Bruiser's Trustees

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We are delighted to welcome some new trustees to the organisation, and a few familiar faces into new positions!

As a Registered Charity, Bruiser is run by a group of hard-working voluntary trustees who take ultimate responsibility for everything that happens in the charity, and make sure Bruiser delivers on its purpose and mission. They each bring different ideas, perspectives, skills and experiences to help us thrive.

Bruiser's newest Board members include Colin Morelli, Risk Manager at Invest Northern Ireland, and Kirsten McGarrity, Head of Corporate Finance at Lowe Rental. We are looking forward to working with them both in our journey towards financial stability and sustainability. Their experience and expertise will help us redevelop our business model and plan strategically to ensure the continued growth of the organisation.

We are delighted to welcome Joseph Rea as Chairperson and Diana McKeown and Vice-Chairperson. On being appointed Chairperson, Joseph Rea commented:

"Theatre and the performing arts should be at the heart of any community, inspiring and entertaining us in equal measure. Bruiser Theatre Company has been leading the way for inspirational and entertaining audiences in the North of Ireland for 25 years. I am honoured to take up the Chair of Bruiser Theatre Company and look forward to helping steer the company in the coming years."

We are excited to work with our Joe, Diana, Colin, Kirsten and our wider Board of Trustees to continue to create high-quality theatre experiences and arts engagement opportunities for audiences locally, nationally and internationally in the future.

We are thrilled to announce that we have joined Green Arts NI!! May 3rd, 2024 Bruiser joins Green Arts NI
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